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Size: S-XL
Height: 24"-31.5"
Weight: 13 lb.-26 lb.

Envelope: still sealed. Please inspect photos closely.
Pattern Pieces: factory folded with instructions.


Size: XS-XL
Age: 0-24 mos.
Weight: 8-29 lbs.
Height: 18-32 in.

Envelope: like new. Please inspect photos closely.
Pattern Pieces: factory folded with instructions.


Size: L-XL
Weight (lbs.): 22-30
Height: 22"-32"

Envelope: some yellowing. Please inspect our photos closely
Pattern Pieces: factory folded with instructions.


Size: XS-M
Weight: 7-21 pounds
Height: 17"-31"

Envelope condition: like new. Please inspect our photos closely.
Pattern pieces: factory folded with instructions.

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