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      Unsure if this was intended to be a pillow sham or a table runner. The open work are mirror images of each other on half of the length. 

      1 7/8 yards x 28" wide. This listing is for the whole piece. There are some spots due to age that may come out when treated though we make no guarantees. See second photo.

      The final photo with hand beneath demonstrates opacity.


      Abandon crochet project with skein of black cotton yarn.

      This listing is for:
      1 black skein of yarn
      2 completed crocheted disks
      1 partially crocheted disk
      1 crochet hook size one. 


      1 bootie has been completed and the second is NEARLY done. It looks like it just needs the sole to be stitched to the body.

      Complete these booties or salvage this great yellow wool yarn for your own project.

      Total weight: 5/8 oz.

      This listing is for the everything pictured.


      26" x 40".

      She's just begging to be given a new life.


      Outdoor home dec. polyester. Printed on both sides with wood grain pattern, leaves and "Enjoy the little things".

      16" square with an 8" zipper on the bottom.


      Quickpoint needlepoint kit for a picture frame with balloons. Includes everything you’ll need yarns, needle, canvas and instructions. 

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